The World’s Best Guitarists?

Who am I to say who the best guitarists in the world are? Who is anybody to say? Opinion will always be divided as we all have our own tastes and styles we prefer. One thing’s for sure, certain players are easily defined as ‘influential’ and maybe that’s enough to be called great!

A great classical or jazz guitarist will usually be technically flawless as technical ability goes hand in hand with those musical cultures, but in a rock band, or a punk or pop or blues band, or any other, less institutionalised style of music, brilliance shines through in many different ways. Sometimes it comes down to being the guitarist in a band that has great songs and not necessarily great guitar parts, sometimes it comes down to pure energy and enthusiasm. as long as the listener or viewer can make a connection with a guitar player, and somehow feel uplifted or affected in a positive way then the guitar player is doing something right!

Here, Rolling Stone Magazine have compiled a list of the top 50 guitar players.

Are they the top 50? You tell me :0)

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1 Response to The World’s Best Guitarists?

  1. In my opinion this list is so so. There are some much more exciting guitarists not even featured there and some uninspired guitarists featured. Where are Joe Satriani, Eddie Van Halen, Ritchie Blackmore, Django Reinhardt etc etc etc. I suppose this list could me made many times with many many line-ups :0)

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