About Me

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As well as working as a guitar tutor and folk musician, I also write and produce music that is not specifically guitar based, along with films to accompany my music and also I like to make sound work of varying levels from soundscapes to acousmatic compositions.

Potentialism is an example of mixing acoustic instruments and electric instruments together with field recordings I made all around the world on my travels to create compositions.

This is a film I made to accompany the track The Measure Of Hope which uses dance and post production editing to relate to the imagery created by the music.

You can hear more examples of my music here.

I have a big interest in social reform and the understanding of social systems and how they effect people’s lives throughout the world. This exploration into using music and the arts with a desire to make progressive social change was instrumental in myself and Anne Louise Kershaw setting up our own arts organisation called Instigate Arts.

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I am the co-director of Instigate Arts which is a Manchester based CIC arts organisation created by myself and Anne Louise Kershaw. A Community Interest Company, Instigate Arts aims to create positive, progressive social change through arts production and participation. We specifically focus on curating and developing exhibitions and events combining the arts, academia and activism and with cross-practice/sector/community collaboration.

Projects I’ve co-curated with Instigate Arts

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