Our Art for BBC6 Music – Mary Anne Hobbs – Art Is Everywhere

Yesterday and today (01/12/13) Mary Anne Hobbs’ BBC Radio 6 music shows were called ‘Art Is Everywhere’ and were made in collaboration with artist Jeremy Deller in celebration of the Turner art prize. Between 7 and 10am the idea was to listen to the show and create art in response to the show. As a musician I opted to make a sound art piece. Admittedly, I was in bed when the first show went out but this morning I got up at around 6.50am and myself and my partner tuned in and responded.

I made this piece called ‘Abstract Ideas’ due to one of the samples I took of Mary Anne Hobbs saying just that. All the sounds I used were either samples of things like the piano, chinking mug, clicking tea light cases etc with the show playing in the background, or they were samples of whatever was on the show at the time. I had to be quick so I could get the piece bounced down to an mp3, load it to Soundcloud and email it to BBC Radio 6.  The whole process was great fun and the piece has turned out quite well for a rush job :0)

My partner Anne Louise Kershaw, who’s blog you can read here annelouisekershaw365.com and who you can find on Twitter here @Anne_L_Kershaw actually got up both mornings and made these two awesome collages.

This was done during the show on Saturday 30/11/13

And this was done during the show on Sunday 01/12/13

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